Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fallout 3 - CRASH MANIA

Ah... Fallout 3... why must thou irk me so?

I've been waiting for this game for MONTHS and I heard so many things about it.  I ordered the PC version, as I don't have an Xbox.

I blissfully installed and set up a character, only to CRASH.  I restarted the game, worked my way through the Vault opening sequence... CRASH.  I finally exited the vault, into the devastated wasteland, fighting off bloatflies & angry dogs... CRASH.  I made it to Megaton and watched the sheriff get shot down in front of my eyes.... CRASH.

I'm giving up until a real patch is released.  I installed the patch release... it wasn't even worth the effort.  If you are considering a purchase of this game as of November, 2008... wait a few months... or at least don't buy the PC version... yet.